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Help with MED-EKG

Discussion created by Majed Jarrar on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by Tom Thompson

Hey guys,


I'm trying to get an ECG / EKG signal using the MCF51MM-TWR with the MED-EKG module. I'm doing this for a school project, 


I've followed the supposedly noob-proof  step-by-step guide to lab1


i've also read the relevant user guides

and this


But when I program LAB1, I get no errors or warnings and I get the simulator just fine. (see attached picture)


However, when I run the EKG GUI , I get nothing but noise (see attached picture)


I've even purcashed a 3 lead cable from GE, which cost me about $200 :smileysad: :smileysad: and i got the same result.


Any advice on this?