Jermey Liu

CodeWarrior V7.1 and P&E driver issue

Discussion created by Jermey Liu on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by CrasyCat

Dear all,


Here I encountered a debugging/programming issue of codewarrior v7.1. anyone could help me on this problem?


when I installed CW V7.2, the PE drive also will be installed automatically after CW installation. I can use CW v7.2 to debug and program my board successfully.


 Now my project has to use CW V7.1 to debug/program, the difference between CW V7.1 and CW v7.2 is that the P&E driver need to be installed manally for CW V7.1, however V7.2 is automatically.


the issue is that CW V7.1 is not able to setup connection to my board, when you want to debug, it will show "ColdFire PE protocal Adapter: stop failed/An error occurred while trying to write memory" or "Could not open memory configuration file" etc.


BTW, my os version is windows XP, MCU is MCF52221(ColdFire) and debugger is P&E USB ML.


Thanks your suggestion.