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SysTick Timer

Question asked by Joe Kissell on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by mehdikarimibiuki

The following was pulled from the K10 Manual. It mentions NOREF and TENMS bits of the SysTick Calibrattion Value Register, but I can't find this register in the documentation. System Tick TimerThe System Tick Timer's clock source is always the core clock, FCLK. This results in thefollowing:• The CLKSOURCE bit in SysTick Control and Status register is always set to selectthe core clock.• Because the timing reference (FCLK) is a variable frequency, the TENMS bit in theSysTick Calibration Value Register is always zero.• The NOREF bit in SysTick Calibration Value Register is always set, implying thatFCLK is the only available source of reference timing.