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Recommened P&E USB ColdFire Multilink firmware and driver for CW7.2

Discussion created by Matt Osborne on Feb 9, 2012
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Hi there,


I upgraded the firmware in my P&E USB ColdFire Multilink (Rev. D) to version 5.54 when I was getting a new development environment up under CWMCU10 and 64-bit Windows 7.  Now when I go back to my 32-bit XP to use 7.2 I can erase and program, but not debug (see attached screen shot).  I see the following error message: Unknown protocol error.


I would like to roll back the firmware to the stock (or recommended) but don't see a way to do so.  The P&E firmware update instructions here:


Firmware version 5.54 for the Coldfire V2/V3/V4 Multilink (Part# USB-ML-CF) Updated 11/24/2011

aren't very helpful.


I used 'Testcfz.ex' to update originally but it doesn't allow downgrading (see


I updated the P&E Windows drivers to v10 but no change...


Please help as this is a real pain.