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Changes required for converting from RMII to MII

Question asked by Mohsin455 on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by cosio leon

Hi All,


              I am using TWRK60N512 and MQX 3.8. I am using KSZ8895MQ with MII Interface on my custom board. I know there are issues, such that TWRK60N512 cannot be used in MII mode (as some of the pins are use for JTAG)  but I will be trying this on custom board.


I want to know what are the changes required in the MQX code for TWRK60N512 in order to convert from RMII to MII Interface. Do we only require seting the required pins within init_gpio.c and selecting ENET_OPTION_MII option or are there any other modifications needed ?