John Dammeyer

CW 5.9 for 9S12 (4.7) on XP MDI document interface strange behaviour

Discussion created by John Dammeyer on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by Tom Thompson

Some configuration flag has been accidentally set and now I'm finding CW difficult to use.  With the MDI checkbox set under Edit|Preferences I have the project .mcp window locked to the LHS of the screen.


What happens now is double clicking on one of my files or doing a search files operation brings up the window but it's behind the existing windows.  A right click on the top bar of that window brings up the option to Float it as opposed to MDI and that brings it to the front. 


Also as I drag one of those windows around it automatically wants to dock to the upper part of the window.


It wasn't always like that.  I can run with the MDI checkbox unchecked and then all the windows float without the standard background but I'm wondering what I've done since last year I didn't have that problem.