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PC-Lint v9.00i plugin for CodeWarrior S12(X) V5.1/ 5.9.0

Discussion created by ian lovatt on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by Iulia Romaniuc

Dear all,


I'm trying to get the PC-lint plugin up and running for the above IDE (refers to itself as V5.1 in the start menu but under help-> about shows V5.9.0).


I have followed the instructions to setup lint and have run its demos sucessfully. I've created a new project in codewarrior with lint support and configured it according to the instructions in env-mw.lnt. Lint seems to have trouble picking up the warning supressions embedded in comment in hidef.h. See attached image of the output.


Lint is working as it finds genuine problems when i lint one of my own projects in addition to these warnings.


How do i configure Lint and/or the plugin so that it correctly ignores problems within the codewarrior library files?