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Source Files outside of project directory (Coldfire 54418 CW10.1)

Discussion created by Michael Olsen on Feb 6, 2012
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I am using CodeWarrior 10.1 with MQX 3.8, in Windows XP.  My target is an TWR-MCF54418 board.  I am attempting to compile a project that has shared source files located within the workspace but outside of the project directory.  This project successfully compiles under CodeWarrior 7.3, but I have not been able to under 10.1.  The errors I am getting appear to be linking errors.  My suspicion is that the linker is unable to find the .obj files within the SharedSources directory.


The shared source files would preferably not be included in the project folder because we don't want them in the repository for this project.  The files are used in several projects.  The shared source also depends on the application source, so we cannot build the shared source into a library (which is how MQX seems to work just fine).  I chose to start a new project using TWR MCF 54418 and MQX3.8 stationary and copy in my source code instead of trying to import.


CodeWarrior Development Studio

Version: 1.0.0
Build Id: b15_2105-A22

Installed Products:

- CodeWarrior for MCU
Version: 10.1
Build Id:110204


My Actual Hard Drive looks like this:





I was able to create a link within CodeWarrior, so the project looks like this





As mentioned above, my suspicion is that the linker is unable to find the .obj files within the SharedSources directory.  Make seems to complete successfully... in the MyProject_Ext_Flash_Debug target folder, all the source files are copied over and all the *_c.obj are all present.  This seems to tell me that I at least have the ColdFire Compiler->Input->Paths setup correctly.  The linker is invoked with the following command:


mwldmcf" @@"MyProject_MCF54418.args" -o "MyProject_MCF54418.elf"


The MyProject_MCF54418.args file contains all of the required shared source .obj files with path's such as "./Sources/SharedSources/SomeFolder/MyFile_c.obj"


It gives me many errors similar to:    

>Undefined : "Boot_Count"  

>Referenced from "App_Init" in 


All of the errors are for items that would be in the shared sources.  Am I correct that the linker is unable to make the jump into the SharedSources folder, even though they can be made into .obj file's?  Is there a workaround, or some other method of doing this?  I've tried adding in the SharedSource folders into the ColdFire Linker->Input->Library Search Paths, but this does not work... presumably because they are not libraries.