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Creating External Flash Algorithm for CW10.2 and Kinetis

Question asked by Johann Prediger on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by Elizabeth Russell



I found a document (AN3859) which describes how to create external flash algorithm for CW10 and ColdFire. I need to create such algorithm for Kinetis (we are using external flash).


AN3859 says that


- I need the sources of the Flash Tool Kit (FTK). But within CW10.2 package there are only sources for Coldfire.

  Where can I find FTK sources for Kinetis CPUs?


- I need the specification how CW10 passes the flashing parameters to the flash algorithm. AN859 describes it for the ColdFire CPUs (on Coldfire CPUs CW10 passes a pointer to the parameters within the D7 register). How is that done on Kinetis CPUs?  


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