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CodeWarrior Log Errors and Slow Loading

Discussion created by Matt Osborne on Feb 1, 2012
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Installed Products:
 - CodeWarrior for MCU
     Version: 10.1
     Build Id:110726


Target Device is MCF5225x.


I've been tasked with porting a 'classic' CodeWarrior project (7.2) to 10.1.


Previous posts are here:


I used the classic project importer wizard and managed to get the new project up and running (i.e. build, flash, debug) after manually re-creating the launch configurations and remote system entry. 


I needed to ensure that the 'new' project could be placed in version control and shared among several developers, regardless of the directory that the developers choose to install it in; so I also needed to make some changes to the access (include) paths so that the project only used relative paths.


There are actually 3 projects in the workspace: MQX BSP, MQX PSP, and our app; only our app project needed the launch config and remote system created from scratch, and the MQX projects worked fine after import.  However, our app project is having some problems...


When opening the project I see the User Operation is Waiting window and it is SLOW to finish.  The log file (.metadata/.log) has some errors where Threads are timing out, and also some errors on files being read-only.

Perhaps the read-only files are the root cause of this but they are under version control: .project, .cproject, *.launch, rseHostSettingsCache.xml.


I've attached a screen shot of the window (I wish I could see what the first entry is), and the log file as well.  Are there any CW10 experts out there that can advise on what might be the cause of the Thread timeouts?