Problems getting correct remote system on a MC9RS08KA1

Discussion created by DALE RODDA on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by Tom Thompson

When I import a MC9RS08K81 from CW 6.3 the project uses a remote system RS08BDM_PandE_Multilink_CyclonePro. When I launch the debugger it appers to find the part, program the part. However connection is lost when attempting to debug. I have attachec a screen shot what shows the erroror message.


When I create a new bearbone project i get a PnE U-MultilinK and it can find the part, program the part and then stop at main. Screen shot attacched.


I have tried adding the PnE U-MultilinK to the other project and it does not show up in the new remote connections.