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Ethernet PHY reset

Question asked by Giuseppe Modugno on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by Mark Butcher

Dear Forum,

I'm new with Kinetis microcontroller, so most probably my questions will be very stupid. Sorry for that


I'm going to use a K60 microcontroller coupled with an Ethernet PHY connected by RMII mode. The PHY will be DP83848C from National.


After reading schematics of TWR-SER and TWR-K60N512, I noticed the RESET input signal of PHY is connected to PTE27 pin of microcontroller. This pin is also connected to SD_WP (I think write protect of SD card bus).


Is this signal actually used in the example codes? Is PTE27 configured and used as a GPIO? How the PHY reset behaviour is shared with SD write protect?

I tried to search in example codes, but I couldn't find the point where the PTE27 is used as a custom output reset.


If I understood well, PTE27 pin can be used as a GPIO or as RTS signal of UART4. Does this mean that I can't have a UART4 with hw flow control?