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RTCS_detachsock() problem

Question asked by Weining on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by Muhammad Waqas Athar



I try using RTCS_detachsock() to detach a socket from a task, But I feel that this function doesn't work at all.


When I call this function, it always returns 0 (RTCS_OK), but the task still see the detached socket.


I study the MQX's source then feel that the default setting of MQX just disable this function:


In the file  ..\MQX3.8\rtcs\source\if\sockutil.c, the function SOCK_Remove_Owner() does nothing and return TRUE all the time, since RTCSCFG_SOCKET_OWNERSHIP =0 (As defualt of MQX).



Has anybody used this function before?


I am using MQX3.8 RTCS and M52259.


Thank you,