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Flashing problem

Discussion created by Kirk Humphries Employee on Jan 29, 2006

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Posted: Tue Oct 4, 2005  1:13 pm


Hello all,


While flashing I am getting the error "Fash programming error around address 0x000000" we are using Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger. Linker file is using far text Segments(+seg .ftext). If I use text segments for another project absolutely there is no problem, but I can't use text segments for my project.


Your help would be appreciated


Thanks & Regards,



Posted: Tue Oct 4, 2005  3:03 pm


In my opinion the problem is with the linearization of the paged memory. As I remember the Trace32 treats e.g. 0x003E1234 as 0x1234 on page 0x3E. This is the format what for example Metrowerks is using by default but differs from the linearized addressing what P&E is using (and what is so unnatural for me).



Posted: Wed Oct 5, 2005  9:23 am


Thanks for the reply.


I am working on MC9S12DJ128 microcontroller. I am using COSMIC compiler for compiling the source code and TRACE32 debugger. I am using linker file like this


# LINK FILE FOR 9s12xx32 On-chip application (64K Flash and 4K RAM)

# The +def things are used in the startup code

+seg .data -b0x1000 -nIRAM -m0x1000 -sRAM # 4K Bytes RAM for Variable storage

+seg .bss -aIRAM -sRAM

+def __sbss=@.bss # Section where unitialized vars are put


#we have 64k flash, 1k eeprom 4k ram


+seg .ftext -x -b0x4000 -m 0x3000 -nCODE -sFLASH -ck # Flash

-ck= include this in cksum

+seg .const -aCODE -nCONST # -x = allow seg to overflow into next


+seg .cksum -aCONST -ncksum -ik














+seg .ftext -x -b0xC000 -m 0x3F7F -nCODE2 -sFLASH -ck # Flash -ck=

include this in cksum


# "C:\COSMIC\CX12\Lib\libe.h12" # HCS12 Byte EEPROM Libraries (byte EE not availble on C32)

"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CX12\LIB\libi.h12" # Integer Library

"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CX12\LIB\libm.h12" # Cosmic HC12/HCS12 Machine Library (required)



+seg .const -b 0xFF80 -sFLASH # Vectors at logical address 0xFF80



+def <mailto:__memory=@.bss> __memory=@.bss # End of Global RAM Space

+def __stack=0x1FFF # Top of stack address


With this settings compilation is successful but am unable to flash the code into target board by using TRACE32 & BDM MULTILINK(It is not converting all logical records to physical records).For all other projects if i dont select +seg .ftext everything is fine.


I dont know how to allocate memory for different segments like for text,.ftext.


Please suggest me I had struck up here.


Your help would be appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,



Posted: Wed Oct 5, 2005  11:04 am


Try this:


+seg .ftext -x -b0xf4000 -m 0x3000 -nCODE -sFLASH -ck

+seg .ftext -x -b0xfC000 -m 0x3F00 -nCODE2 -sFLASH -ck


I just barely remember to the cosmic linker format because I use Metrowerks since years. I think that you shall trick the addressing if you want to locate the program to the paged area (I mean the values after -b and -m in the lines above).



Posted: Wed Oct 5, 2005  12:06 pm




Now I changed linker file so I am able to flash the code but it is not working when I say run in the debugger.I hope the code is not mapped correctly into the memory. Now my linker file


+seg .const -b 0xfc000 -o 0xc000 -n .const -s flash # constants unbanked

(page 7)

+seg .text -a .const -n .common -s flash # Page 7 unbanked

+seg .vector -b 0xfff80 -o 0xff80 -s flash # vectors start address

+seg .data -b 0x2000 -m 0x2000 # data start address

+seg .eeprom -b 0x800 -m0x800 # eeprom start address if needed

+def <mailto:__sbss=@.bss> __sbss=@.bss # start address of bss


+seg .ftext -b 0xf4000 -o 0x8000 -w 0x4000 -m 0x18000 -n .pages -s flash

# Pages 0 to 5

# enter object files for banked pages 0 to 5 here













+seg .text -b 0xf8000 -o 0x4000 -m 0x4000 -n .page6 -s flash # Page 6


# enter object files for page 6 here

+seg .text -a .common -n .common7 -it -s flash # Page 7 unbanked

"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CX12\Lib\crtsi.h12" # startup file (or


# enter object files for page 7 here


vect_HCS12C.o # interrupt vectors

"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CX12\Lib\libi.h12" # C Library (if needed)

"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CX12\Lib\libm.h12" # Machine Library


+def <mailto:__memory=@.bss> __memory=@.bss # symbol used by library

+def __stack=0x4000 # stack pointer initial value


Any comments on this? I am trying with different address ranges.



Posted: Wed Oct 5, 2005  3:55 pm


You did not say that you want to get it run also You have just

complained about the flash programming error...


Just kidding

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