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free environment and low cost jtag interface ?

Question asked by REY Stephane on Jan 27, 2012
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I want to start with a Kinetis (K60 probably) but I have few questions.


CW in special edition is limited to 64k which will definitely not be enough. So I'd like to go on a free unlimited environnemnet like Eclipse + GCC + GDB and a low cost interface.


I had a bad experience with GDB and P&E BDM for coldfire V1. A bug in GDB doesn't enable to do anything so I'm not sure it will work with the P&E Universal which supports Kinetis.


My questions are :


1. do you know a free environment : IDE (preferably Eclispe) + compiler + debugger working with Kinetis ?


2. Do you know a low cost interface which also works with that toolchain (even to build why not)


3. MQX seems to be integrated in Codewarrior. Would it be possible to use MQX without codewarior (or IAR which supports it as well) What is the benefit of MQX integration in CW ?