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Initializing External RAM

Discussion created by Charles Barnes on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by CrasyCat
x-post from elsewhere: I am using the 56f8367 and I have 128k of external RAM connected. I understand that you have to set up the EMI interface to properly interface with the RAM. However, if I initialize the variable when it is declared, I get no error, although if I take a look at the variable all I see is "0xFFFF." That being said, I am having trouble reading or writing at all to the External Memory so it could be that as well. I can't see how it would actually work if it tries to initialize the variable before the interface is even initialized. It is a lot of data that I want to put in that memory so I would rather not have to initialize it from the running code. My question boils down to, Is it possible to initialize variables in external RAM when they are declared (if they are declared globally)? If so, how? Thanks