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MQX Support for Newest Kinetis K60 Processors? (MK60F15.h missing!)

Question asked by Robert Ussery on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Robert Ussery


I'm trying to develop a BSP for a board using the new MK60FN1M0 processors, and it seems that the latest distribution of MQX 3.8 is missing the required psp processor header file. From looking at "mqx\source\psp\cortex\kinetis.h", it looks like I should be using the following CPU identification in my user_config.h file:

#define MQX_CPU  PSP_CPU_MK60DN512Z


However, the psp header file that kinetis.h calls out for this cpu identification (PSP_CPU_MK60DN512Z) is MK60F15.h, which does not exist anywhere in the MQX 3.8 distribution. Was this an oversight, or is this processor not currently supported by MQX?


I currently have a Freescale Service Request open regarding this matter, but haven't been able to get any useful information from the support folks. Is anyone else out there struggling with this same issue? I'm really dreading the thought of having to create my own processor header file...


Thanks in advance!