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FlexTimer(FTM) using MQX

Question asked by Syed Moosvi on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by Stephen Munnings



         I am using K60N512 and MQX 3.8. want to use the FlexTimer(FTM) module in Quadrature Decoder Mode. I am suprised to find that there MQX code  twrk60n512 does not even contain the register definition for the Flextimer let alone any example code.


Can anyone please let me know how to use the Flextimer module and if someone could provide an example ?


As I am looking more into the MQX I am finding it difficult to use with very poor documentation and example codes. I also notice that it takes days for them to reply to your questions and even the activity by freescale on the forums is very slow. I think they should learn from the TI's Stellaris forums.