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Solid State Relays with MC9S08GT60

Question asked by Matthew Grenke on Jan 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by victor rod

Hi all,


Can anyone recommend an inexpensive and reliable solid state relay that will work with the GPIO pins on the MC9S08GT60? My application is to switch an HSPA modem on and off using a GPIO pin on the MC9S08GT60 and a solid state relay. From what I have seen so far the GPIO pins can produce about 3 V but not much more so I'm guessing I would need a relay with an input voltage of 3V or lower. The HSPA modem that the relay would connect to can use an input voltage anywhere from 9-28 Volts DC. The max current draw during transmit of this modem is 318 mA. All suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated. I have not used a relay with the MC9S08GT60 before so anyone with experience using a relay to switch devices on and off(every hour for example) would be greatly appreciated. Here are some relays I found online so far: