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Several issues inherting beans

Question asked by Steffen Schütz on Jan 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Erich Styger


I'm experiencing several issues while inheriting beans:

-Depending on application, I want to use one or two quadratur decoders. If I want to use both, must I create two interfaces and two templates, one for each decoder or is there a way to use one interface with two templates? In this case, what is the best way to ex/include the bean according to settings in descendant bean? Encapsulate in boolean group?

-If I create local templates and afterwards an local interface (same location), I'm not able to assign created template to interface. With gloabl template, that doesn't happen...

-How do I specify a name for the inherited bean in order to avoid the Inhr* names given by PE.

-Sometimes I experience that PE doesn't list the inherited method in the component tree? Although I follow same inheritance scheme as with other beans where they show.


Sorry to take up your time with such basic questions... As we only got license for CW8.2.3 and the old "Bean Wizard" I feel that I'm hassling here and there with usablity issues that might in the mean time - especially since the transition to CW10.1 - have resolved itself.


Thanks again!