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CodeWarrior 8- & 16-bit tools: Stack Pointer Register Initialization

Discussion created by Marc Paquette Employee on Jan 27, 2006
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Posted: Jul 20, 2004 - 09:24 AM   


Trying to learn how to initialize the SP register in assembly code. The linker parameter file can define STACKTOP but I can't see how to pass that to an LDS #LABEL in the assembler code. Have been looking for the C startup code INIT_SP_FROM_STARTUP_DESC(); to see how it is done there but can't find it.

Can anybody tell me where to find that code?


Posted: Jul 20, 2004 - 04:47 PM   

Look at file hidef.h in installation \lib\HC08c\include directory. the macro INIT_SP_FROM_STARTUP_DESC() is defined there.


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