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Re-Allocate _Startup in PRM file?

Question asked by sebasira on Jan 20, 2012
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I'm using CW 4.6.


I've got and application merged with bootloader using the HEXFILE instruction. Also have PRM pre-process enable, so I define a label __INCLUDE_BOOTLOADER__ to include it.


When including the bootloader _Startup cannot be @0xFFFE because the bootloader reset vector is there; and it must be place @0xEFFE... So I try doing this:

#ifndef __INCLUDE_BOOTLOADER__  VECTOR ADDRESS 0xFFFE  _Startup#else  VECTOR ADDRESS 0xEFFE  _Startup#endif

And it works.... but I've got some questions:


1) First of all... Is that correct? Because I thoguht that it will trow me and error because 0xEFFE is no a "VECTOR ADDRESS"


2) And that leads me to wonder... What does VECTOR ADDRESS mean or do?


3) And finally... Can I re-locate any function to be wherever I want in .prm file? I mean, can I put my_func at address 0xC582 be doing:VECTOR ADDRESS 0xC582 my_func


Thanks for reading, I hope you can "feed" my curiousity!