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CodeWarrior 8- & 16-bit tools: 9S12C32 Flash sector erase and data storage

Discussion created by Marc Paquette Employee on Jan 27, 2006
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Posted: Jul 09, 2004 - 12:19 AM   
I would like a store a DWORD variable in the 9S12C32 chip as a nonvolatile data. I have used the IntFlash bean however when writing to the address:-
/* Write number to address 0xE000 */
Data = IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0x3E4000,55);
/* Read contents of internal FLASH array on address
0xE000 and write it to variable Data */
The first line always results in OUT_OF_RANGE (or an error code of 2), I have declared the appropriate flash sector in the prm file too as follows:-
/* List of all sections specified on the "Build options" tab */
RAM = READ_WRITE 0x00003800 TO 0x00003FFF;
ROM_C000 = READ_ONLY 0x0000C000 TO 0x0000FF7F;
ROM_4200 = READ_ONLY 0x00004200 TO 0x00007FFF;
ROM_4000 = READ_ONLY 0x00004000 TO 0x000041FF;
Any idea Whats wrong? why am I not able to read and write data to the flash area? Alternatively is there any example code on how to write to flash?
Posted: Jul 11, 2004 - 11:06 AM   
Hi Jameel,
I'm fairly new to CodeWarrior & the P/Expert, but I think you'll find that you have to address all of the flash between the ranges of 0x8000 & 0xBFFF:
So for the 4000 range that you want, you'd use:
Data = IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0x3D8000,55);
I hope I'm right