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KwikStik UART5 baud rate error

Question asked by Leandro Rondon on Jan 19, 2012
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First of all, I'd like to say that I'm a new computer engineer and just started to learn about ARM development, so I'm sorry if these questions are so basic, but I already read the Reference Manual and search the forum and didn't find how to fix it.


Now, my problem:


I am using a Kinetis KwikStik module with a K40 processor and I'm trying to communicate via UART5 with my PC via COM1. 


I've made a project based on some IAR examples (pdb_adc_demo). My application is a simple echo: the K40 receive a character and send it back.


I want a baudrate of 115200bps, so I made the following calculation (clk is 48000 khz):

sbr = ((clk*1000)/(115200 * 16));

sbr = 26 (1A)


My config registers are like this:


MCG_C1 = 0x18        (FRDIV=3)

MCG_C2 = 0x2C       (EREFS, HGO, RANGE=2)

UART5_BDH = 0x00

UART5_BDL = 0x1A


Then I connected the module and configure the COM1 to use 115200 and it doesn't works. But if I change the COM1 baudrate to 57600 it works like a charm.


Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the MCG configuration is not ok... I don't know :smileysad:



Thank you,

Leandro Rondon