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MC9S12DG256CCPV Obsolete?

Discussion created by Kirk Humphries Employee on Jan 27, 2006

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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  6:56 pm


Received a notice from Digi-Key that this is obsolete?

Anybody know what the story is?


Description: IC MCU 256K FLASH 25MHZ 112-LQFP

Manufacturer Part No: MC9S12DG256CCPV

Digi-Key Part No: MC9S12DG256CCPV-ND



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  7:13 pm


I heard the same about the DT256 and the A128B. I assume there is a list on their website about which models are being discontinued.



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  7:22 pm


Refer to the following PCN for details:


Part numbers are being revised to remove the revision number. One part that is being EOLed is the DP256....this is being replaced with the DT256 (if you only need 3 CANs) or the DP512.



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  9:42 am


>>DT256 (if you only need 3 CANs) or the DP512.


I had a look at the DT256 on freescale web site. It seems to be EOL too. In fact it seems that the plug got pulled on ALL 256 derivatives. Yep, I got the feeling way back that the rate freescale popped out new S12 variants left...right and center were gona come and roost sooner than later.


At least they could have had the sense to keep atleast a generic DP256 around for a little longer. I cannot belief that the old HC12A4 clunker outlived the new generation of chips. As for the X12 ...very nice. However my Cosmic debugger does not support X12 to say the least. So that means another 3K for yet a new version of the same compiler just to keep up with freescale. God knows how long the X12 is gona last...2/3 years maybe before they pull the rug on that one again.


OK ...I done..8<((



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  9:22 pm


What are you talking about?


Freescale is discontinuing just the old mask sets of the S12DP256 and S12DT128. They are not in any way discontinuing HCS12 families. Read the actual Freescale announcement.


These old mask sets have really many bugs, most which Freescale have solved more than 2 years ago with newer mask-sets, that are drop-down replacements for the old-discontinued mask-sets.


The transition is really very simple. For the vast majority of applications (<99%) it is as easy as just dropping in the newer mask-set, and the board should work as is, just without the old mask-sets silicon bugs...


I am personally surprised how it took Freescale so long to make this transition to sell only the newer mask-sets. Why keep selling old mask-sets with so many bugs when there are new ones without the bugs, and with all the functionality intact as a drop-down replacement?


The HCS12 family is going to be around for many years, long after the HC12A4 you are referring to will be gone. You see, the referred HCS12 families and parts are heavily used by the automotive industry, while the

HC12A4 is not.


Hope this helps,



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  10:40 am


Well, forgive my hasty words - jumping to conclusions. I was simply trying to draw attention to the issue.


Phasing out old masks makes perfect sense. However I was a little rattled to go to the Feescale web site and to see all 256 variants listed as EOL. I am just very confused how I am going to specify a part number to my rep for the next batch of DG256 or something that resembles it.


At least from what you tell me is that the DP/G/T256 in some new mask number is going to be available in the forseeable time. What this part number is, I dont yet know.



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  10:08 pm


To replace DP256, D_256B or D_256C parts use just plane MC9S12DT256 or DG256 or A256 (the B or C of the old part number is dropped). These parts are already shown of the Freescale web-site for some time (they are mask sets 0L91N and up).


Similarly, to replace D_128B parts just use the part number MC9S12D_128 (the B in the end is dropped). Also these parts show on the Freescale web-site for a long time, and are mask-sets 0L40K and up).


I think if you specify to your purchasing agent to get the exact part number with no added "B" or "C", you should be set.


The links to the relevant Freescale web-pages of the newer mask-set (that replace the old discontinued mask) are:





Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005  4:55 pm


Only old mask-sets with many bugs are going to be obsolete....there are new masksets(with many erratas fixed) which can be used as simple replacement in 99% percent of applications....


I downloaded into "Files" section the file "MC9S12Dx256x_comparison.pdf" which can hopefully clarify the situation at least in cases of the 256K derivatives of the 9S12 family. It is not fully up-to-date because there are newer masksets!


Please keep in mind that document is provided "as is"- so no warranty provided.



Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005  11:04 pm


My experience with these parts is very limited but I did find (after much confusion on my part) that we need to specify not just the part number but also the mask set we want when ordering parts. Otherwise, your distributor may send you some old parts that have a long errata list. There may be cases that make it difficult to change to the "latest" mask because you would have to re-qualify the part. This is probably why Freescale keeps the older masks around for a while.


I would strongly suggest studying the errata listed for each mask set so you know what you are getting before you place an order. I'm not sure how you confirm which is the "latest" mask set for your part but I would think your rep could answer that question.