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Processor Expert with IAR Compiler for Kinetis?

Question asked by Robert Ussery on Jan 17, 2012
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I'm having some trouble getting up and running with Processor Expert. I want to create some PWM drivers using PE for the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) compiler for the Kinetis microcontroller.


Following are the specific things I need help with:

1) Are there any good "Getting Started" guides focusing on using Processor Expert with IAR EWARM?

2) Is there a standalone version of Processor Expert that supports IAR? I see such a version referenced in this document, but have not been able to locate a download for it.

3) If there is not a standalone version, how do I select the IAR compiler as the desired compiler while using PE under Codewarrior? I have CW 10.1 installed, and tried to run through the PE Getting Started Guide (PEXDRVGETSTARTEDUG), but when I got to the screen shown in Figure 5, IAR ARM C Compiler was not an option on the Target Compiler selection. Is there any way to enable this compiler option?


Thanks in advance!