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Load Code in 68EVB9SC32

Discussion created by Kirk Humphries Employee on Jan 27, 2006

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Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005  4:51 pm


Hi everybody!


I have just begun learning 68HC12 and I can't upload my assembly code in my EVB (COM2 nor USB BDM multilink).


My EVB jumpers are set:


RTS_EN: Open

CTS_EN: Open



MODC: gnd



SW1_EN: In


I change MODC to +5V when BDM USB is used, as writted in board user manual, but I haven't any success. There is no comunication between EVB and my PC.


I'm using Metrowerks Code Warrior software and True-Time Simulator & Real-Time Debugger.


Could someone give a help on this?



Date: Tue Nov 1, 2005  8:28 am




Please try the settings here below:


>AXIOM M68EVB9S12C32 - AXM-0303 Rev. A: Jumpers starting setup (example):

>-CTS_EN -> open

>-RTS_EN -> open

>-RX_EN -> close



>-MODC -> +5V to debug with HCS12 Serial Monitor via COM1 port, ->GND to

>debug via BDM PORT





>-SW1_EN -> closed

>-LED_EN -> close

>-CAN_RXEN -> open

>-CAN_TXEN -> open

>-and the SW7 switch (not SW6 as written is some specs) must be in OFF

>position. This is required for Serial Monitor mode only.





Date: Thu Nov 3, 2005  5:38 am


A few thoughts…


Do you have all the correct BDM drivers installed?

Do you have the usb updates for codewarrior?

Are both lights on the BDM box lit up when its connected to the computer and the board?



Date: Thu Nov 3, 2005  10:19 am




Once installed the correct drivers, I see my board 'talking'.


But another question: I've tried communicate PC and HC12 by COM port, but I've had bad results.


On "True-Time Simulator & Real-Time Debugger" I clicl on Component ->

Set Target and on the dialog box in 'Target Interface' I choose 'Motorola Motosil Target Interface'. Neither COM1 and COM2 works properly. Is it selected correctly my interface communication protocol?


Best regards,



Date: Thu Nov 3, 2005  11:28 am




Choose "HCS12 Serial Monitor".


However, if you already contacted the board in BDM, you might have erased the monitor stored in flash. The monitor code should be available from the Axiom CD-ROM matching the board. But you do not need it, if you debug in BDM.





Date: Fri Nov 4, 2005  3:47 pm




But what I really want to see my COM port working. I really did what you wrote; I tried to use BGI and D-Bugger12 target; I closed and opened RX_EN, RTS_EN, CTS_EN jumpers, but still COM port doesn't work.


What else can I do or try? Downloading some driver from FreeScale?


Thanks and best regards



Date: Mon Nov 7, 2005  2:54 pm


If you want to see the COM port working, I propose you to write an application sending ascii bytes, link your board to the PC with a serial cable, open a terminal window and check the text.


On another side, your chip might be blank => no chance to run any flashed Serial Monitor => nothing on COM port.


If now you want to get the Serial Monitor up and running, if your board got designed by Axiom, you can contact <support@...> ( I could not find the file to download for this board on their web page.




On freescale site, you also should be able to download:


and then rebuild the Serial Monitor project, then to flash it.





Date: Mon Nov 7, 2005  7:12 pm


Assuming you have Codewarrior, one of those sample programs has the GETCHR and PUTCHR functions written for the 6812. You could just copy those routines and use them in your program. Then, just use Hyperterminal on the PC side to see if you're sending anything out of the COM port.