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Processor Expert Macro-Language

Question asked by Tien Loc Nguyen on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by Processor Expert

1. Do you know any command in Processor Expert Macro-Language to conserve the code of the user on an generated code file. Normaly when i click generate proccessor expert code on code warrior, the files are regenerated and the code that the user changed on the generated code files will be lost and the generated code files will be rewrited.

2. On "Processor Expert Macro-Language Reference Manual" document i found the command

%EMBED_CODE[!][+] <id>, %EMBED_END [msg]

and it give me an example to use the command

        %EMBED_CODE! <specific> initialization
        /* Begin of <specific> initialization, DO NOT MODIFY
        LINES BELOW */
        // ### initialization code here ##
        /* End <specific> initialization, DO NOT MODIFY LINES
       ABOVE */ 
       %EMBED_END <specific> initialization was updated

but when i paste these code to my driver file ( of my component on component wizard). and when I generate code on code warrior using that components the code warrior display an error


          INTERNAL ERROR: at line 159: %EMBED_END without %EMBED_CODE (file:  Drivers\sw\mycomponent.drv) ex5  Comp1 Processor Expert Errors

do you know the way to uses that command?

Thank and best regard!