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Device Initialization generate incorrect code for FlexTimer of Kinetis?

Question asked by Lingfeng Xiong on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by Processor Expert

hi all,

I create a new project with MCU is K60 in CodeWarrior and I choose Device Initialization at final step of that wizard. Then I configure FTM0 to generate PWM in Processor Expert and generated MCUInit.c and MCUInit.h. However, there are no PWM generated, and I read this code snip in MCUInit.c:

SIM_SCGC6 |= 0x01000000UL;                                 /* FTM0_C0SC: ELSB=1 */FTM0_C0SC |= 0x08UL;                                 /* FTM0_C0V: VAL=0x07D0 */FTM0_C0V = 0x07D0UL;                            /* FTM0_FILTER: CH0FVAL=0 */FTM0_FILTER &= (unsigned long int)~0x0FUL;             /* FTM0_MOD: MOD|=0x0FA0 */FTM0_MOD |= 0x0FA0UL;                /* FTM0_SC: CPWMS=1,CLKS|=1 */FTM0_SC |= 0x28UL;

 In fact, FTM0_SC have to be setted BEFORE FTM0_C0SC, or PWM will not be generated.

Is this a bug? Thanks.