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MPC8308 NAND driver - FCM appears stalled

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by TomE

I'm in the process of writing a custom NAND driver for the CW flash programmer, for use on our custom MPC8308 board.  We do not have a NOR flash on the board, just the NAND (ST/Numonyx NAND512W).  I've written a custom target init file for our board that sets up CS0 for NAND flash, and also have a custom JTAG init file (since NAND currently doesn't contain the init word data, it's blank).  The NAND driver runs properly on the RDB, at least for reading out the IDENTIFY codes from the Samsung NAND chip, so I know the driver is capable of running properly.


So, I download our custom driver to the custom board in CW 8.8 and start debugging.  Problem is, the driver is not functioning.  The FCM doesn't budge, the OP field in FMR never resets to 0, and the driver just times out.  I can reproduce the fault on the RDB if I use a JTAG initialization file with it that specifies a NAND boot source (invalid for the RDB).


Am I missing something?  Why would the FCM simply not function, when the exact same code, just with a different target init file (RDB-specific), runs fine on the RDB?  The only stuff I changed in the target init file is making CS0 a NAND device, with CS1 and CS2 unconfigured.


Any clues would be useful, thanks.