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How to get licensed? CW 2.8 working with full version of P&E Multilink debugger?

Discussion created by Nancy Neff on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by Tom Thompson

We are running licensed, dongle'd CodeWarrior 2.8 for MPC5554, and using the P&E Multilink with the debugger within CodeWarrior.  We have updated to the latest P&E drivers (v.10). The host OS is Windows 7.


We have three machines running CW 2.8, two with Windows 7 and one under Windows XP.  The installations on one with Win7 and the one with XP both work fine.  On the third, also Win7, the license for CodeWarrior is acting flaky:  FlexLM doesn't show the dongle ID when run from the hard drive, but does when the same executable is run from a thumbdrive.  CW 2.8 won't run without the dongle, but when it starts a splash screen comes up with the message that today is the last day of the demo version and to register a licensed version.  This goes away after clicking "register later" and CW 2.8 appears to work fine, with one problem:


We are also running the P&E Debugger code from within CodeWarrior, successfully on the other two machines.  On this third machine, the P&E debugger screens come up with a window title saying it is the "Starter" edition, and won't flash our program because there are "too many lines of code" for a "demo version".  This same P&E Debugger was working fine with the demo version of CodeWarrior 2.8 on this same PC. 


I think the problem is with the licensing problems with this installation of CW. (Yes, we have tried reinstalling CW, several times--before and after P&E driver update. The permanent license file for CW looks fine, including HOST_ID=DONGLE_ID=nnnnnn.)


Any ideas?  Thanks,