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SPI vs 1-wire EEPROM

Question asked by Matthew Grenke on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by Matthew Grenke

Hi everyone,


I am looking for some suggestions regarding which is the easier EEPROM to use with an 8-bit Freescale MCU (MC9S08GT60). I have so far looked at two types of EEPROM. One of them uses an SPI interface and the other uses a 1-wire interface. Is it true that 1-wire interfaces for EEPROM are generally easier to implement than SPI interfaces? Does anyone have experience with writing code for 1-wire EEPROM or SPI EEPROM or could direct me to a link with some sample code for an 8-bit MCU (MC9S08GB60 or GT60 or other similar MCU's)? All comments/suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Here are various types of EEPROM I have looked at so far. Please feel free to suggest any other EEPROM chips that you have found easy to use and that worked really well.