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flashing problems via D-Bug12

Discussion created by Ruth Hendrix Employee on Jan 26, 2006
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Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 10:25 am    

I try to flash an mc9s12hg256 via D-Bug12 monitor, but D-Bug12 gives everytime the same error: "Can't write target memory".
What could this mean?
To create the project I used the Codewizard from CodeWarrior, I tested several options without success.

Here is the s19-File:

S00E00004D6F6E69746F722E616273A5 S123C000FEC04BFDC049270E35ED31EC3169700434FB310326F2FEC04DEC31270BED311880 S123C0200A30700434F920F13D1EC0440203FFC047790011C6395B1086095A1207C215FBDE S123C040000320E500C06110FF0000C05BC06B0000C05B0000C05D0000C05DFFFF0000000B S110C0600010EFC6FF5B035B0120FE000033 S105FFFEC02914 S9030000FC 

I use the HCS12 T-Board from

Any idea what I can do?

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 12:11 pm 
Are there any switches on the device or instructions for programming the device that you have to follow? With my C32 sample board you had to put a switch in a certain position to program it and reset it then start the programming software.
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2005 2:51 pm    
Hello everybody,
I've got exactly the same problem than elmachel.
I use an HCS12 Tboard from elektronic laden and codewarrior to assembly my S1.
Does somebody can help us?
Thank you
Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:06 am    

the support from elektronikladen said without a BDMPod you can't programm the HCS12 effectivly. With D-Bug 12 you can only programm the RAM or the EEPROM but not the Flash. So you need a BDMPod or you configure the CodeWarrior to create s19 files for the RAM or EEPROM, but I don't know the configuiration.
I bought therefore the ComPOD12.


Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:47 am    

do you manage with the compod to program your flash ?
Is it easy?
How does it work?
Waiting for your response,Bye

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 4:48 am


yes now I can programm the flash, it is quite easy. If you buy the Compod from elektronikladen there is a software with it, called Starprog. With this software you can erase/programm the controller. You are able to decide between programming in Flash or EEPROM.


Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 3:58 pm    

If you can't afford to buy one build a TBDML insted, it will program/debug any S12 using the free Codewarrior software. You can get the PCB in our online store.