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Program Delays when playing sound

Discussion created by M Heimbach on Jan 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Kevin Satula


I'm using an HC9S08LG32 uP interfaced to an ISD17xxx sound chip.  There are recorded messages in the sound chip which play instructions for the user based on keypad inputs.   Some of these played messages are >20 seconds.  However, for experienced users that don't want to hear the entire message, there is no way for them to hit the next instruction on the keypad until the message is played out. 

The uP code seems to be suspended during a message playback on the ISD17000.  Is there a way to maintain control of the program so they during a message playback, the user could hit a 'cancel' key (for cancelling the message) or a key for another process to occur?  For beginners, hearing all the message instructions in their entirety is a benefit.  For advanced users of my project, having to listen to the whole instruction message before proceeding is an annoyance.


I am using a SPI interface on the ISD17000 for control.