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M52259Demo MQX_3_7 - Flash Programmer: The Debugger can not write to memory

Discussion created by pavel pindora on Jan 7, 2012
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Win 7 Prof

CodeWarior 7.2 Eval.  + Patch 722

Project MQX + MFS (I also tested "only MQX")

Flash Programer :

52259 / Coldfire v2-v4 JM60 OSBDM

Target inic ...ColdFire_Support\Initialization_Files\M52259DEMO.cfg

Erase Flash  :  Erase Command Succeeded  

Blank Check Completed Successfully 





Downloading 0x00010000 bytes to be programmed at 0x00000420 

The Debugger can not write to memory

How to ?


Thank Pavel