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CW for PPC - Flash programmer - Source code for existing NAND algorithm?

Discussion created by David Rodgers on Jan 6, 2012
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We have a new board with an MPC8308 and a smallish (512Mbit, 64MB) NAND device on the board (ST NAND512W3A2).  We've tried adding it to the part definition files for the CW flash programming tool, borrowing one of the two possibly compatible ST algorithms (NAND02 or NAND08), but neither algorithm is 100% compatible.  So we're resigned to writing our own algorithm driver for this part.


I see that example code is provided for the K9NBG08U5M device (whoever wrote the code has some religious objection to informative comments).  I don't suppose anyone might know about whether source code is available for either of the existing ST parts (NAND02 or NAND08)?  Logic would dictate that starting from a driver for a sister part would save time.  Thanks.