Jeremy Miller

Codewarrior debugger useless for tracking down my bug

Discussion created by Jeremy Miller on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by Tom Thompson

I'm using CW 10.1 on a MCF52259 custom board and P&E Multilink Universal and I have a bug that is driving me nuts.  I cannot track it down to a specific line, because the line of code that apparently causes it changes depending on what I comment out.  Also, the region that "appears" to cause it looks quite benign.


In addition, it only occurs once after a CPU reset.  If I enable WDT, which is cleared in Timer 1, the only interrupt I'm using, the WDT will reset the device.  If WDT is disabled, the chip locks up. 


If I try to pause the debugger when it's in this state, I get an Error box that says "Target request failed: Failed to stop all threads in the process".  Unfortunately this is a huge problem as I can't see the state of anything after the lockup.


This is a very simple program.  There's no OS, and the only form of input are 4 pushbuttons.  I suspect the issue lies with a alphanumeric LCD service function which is called in the Timer 1 interrupt, but I've used this code before. 


Any advice on tracking something like this down?  Specifically, I find it odd, but not unheard of, that it kills the debugger.