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the Page problem with  MC9S08DZ128

Discussion created by Wang LiMei on Jan 6, 2012
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 I built a project with Banked mode for a  MC9S08DZ128. My program larger than 64Kb, and plus with some LCD chart data, which was labeled with  #pragma CONST_SEG PAGED_ROM.  To verify the validness, I dump the LCD chart data to RAM, the data was read begin with the address of 0x8000.  I read it's .map file, the LCD chart data was assigned at the address begin with  0x68000, and some function was assigned at page 5 and page 6. I debug the program by step, find the process would loss the control, and the Register show the status of  PC:8297 IP:68297  PPAGE:6  LAP:0, contrast whit the PC:BE9F IP:2BE9F PPAGE:2  LAP:0 in normal status. If the function wasn't assigned at Page 5 and Page 6, the program can run correctly.
Please tell me what is wrong? and how to solve the problem? How could I use the flash section which larger than 64Kb?