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K60 USB MSC host bootloader - Download size exceeded??

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by Kalpesh Pandit

So, I'm having a go at putting the USB mass storage bootloader (as documented in AN4368) into my K60 tower kit.  I followed the instructions provided, built the "kinetis_k60" project successfully, generating a kinetis_k60.afx file (350KB or so).  I then defined the debug configuration, saved it, and launched it.  After (yet another) OSJTAG firmware upgrade, it began to load the project... and bombed out.  Message:


'Launching debug_bootloader' has encountered a problem.

Failed to resume target process., Download size limit has been exceeded.  Please check your license.


Say what?  This is a bootloader, probably the smallest piece of code you can cram in there.  So I check my license, and my dongle-locked CW Basic license is good for another 291 days.  With a Basic license, I can download up to 512KB.  So somehow, the IDE thinks I'm downloading more than that?


Has anyone run into this?  What am I doing wrong here, exactly?