Robert Bailey

9S08AW to 9S08AC  anyone made the switch?

Discussion created by Robert Bailey on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by bigmac

I have several projects using the AW,  but it looks like its going to be superceded by the AC.  The AC seems to be a little cheaper and its a Flexis part,  so it might make sense to switch at some point.


But,  I would want the firmware to be backwards compatible,  as the ones in the field may need updating sometime in the future and I would not want to maintain 2 sets of software,  let alone have the user try to determine which processor is installed.


I looked thru the datasheets and assorted docs,  but only got partial info.  It seems that the AC has a few more peripherals.


So,  to the question:   Has anyone made the switch?  What sort of hidden gotchas are in there?  Is there a way for the firmware to determine what hardware its running on in case there are differences that need to be accomodated?


The first application I was considering uses the AN2295 bootloader,  no timers/TPM channels ,  internal timebase,  internal flash to save data,  both UARTS,  and some analog inputs.  internal oscillator only.


Any hints?