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[MCF51JM128] USB issue

Discussion created by Pogo Lin on Jan 5, 2012
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Hi all,


I used this MCU to transfer CAN data to USB. Now I've one problem. If the program doesn't start in pc side and this MCU receive CAN message and send it to USB host. What will it happen  in device side and PC side?


1. Device Side: Can MCU send CAN message to host successfully? Is it will be queued and can't process next CAN message?

2. PC Side :  How does the driver work in PC Side? 


Now, I can use Win AP to communicate with MCU by USB port and can receive CAN message from MCU. But if the CAN message continue to send to MCU, I can't receive CAN message in Win AP continuously.


My testing architecture:

Another device  <- CAN bus->  MCU(MCF51JM128)  <- USB -> PC.


Please give me some hint. Thanks  a lot.