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Thyristor gate pulse triggering using Microcontroller...

Discussion created by Yuvraj R on Jan 4, 2012
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Hello Friends,


         I have doubt in thyrister controlling. I am using only single phase. in this only two back to back thyrister is connected. so only two gate pulse is required. my Qustion:

How to generate gate pusle:
[A] Using 2 Edge alined PWM
[B] using Timer and Generate pulse on Two Pin (GPIO)  
which is better and easiest way.

I am using freescale ColdFire V1 microcontroller.
I have done few programs on development board. without interfacing zero crossing detection its working ok. I can change (Edge Aligned) PWM duty cycle  as per feedback voltage. but when i introdused zero crossing (input capture Pin) at that time it does not work.

Please help me in this program. if you have any docdument please send me.
i do not have any ides on this.