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Freescale 8 bit devices and Linux development support

Discussion created by Ruth Hendrix Employee on Jan 24, 2006
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Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:35 am    
Hi guys;

I've been thinking about a little project that could use an 8 bit device with USB support. Been looking at Freescale and Microchip and to be honest am coming up short with respect to development support under linux.

Since I just started looking was hoping that you guys could give me a few pointers to assemblers and other free tools that run under linux.

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:51 am    
 have not really heard of anything for the HC08 running under unix. The codewarrior tool chain is free for asm but is windows based.
Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:16 am  
Just today, I tried spgmr08 on a Linux box
connected to a QY4 demonstration board. Once I figured out how
the commands worked, I was able to read the chip. I haven't
tried programming it yet, but I have every reason to believe
that would work. There also seem to be assemblers and
compilers around; consult Google. Hope that helps.
Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 5:54 am    
There exists an open source project that aims for compiling the C-code for Motorola microcontrollers. The only advantage of it is that it is free. The disadvantages are that it is still in development (beta version), command-line only (no graphical user interface) and therefore difficult to use and not 100% reliable (bugs).

It is called open source SDCC – Small Device C Compiler, the address is given below :

I have not tried to use it (I am not yet very good at microcontrollers programing, even with CodeWarrior I have some problems), but I post it here, because maybe someone will find it useful.

BTW, I think that giving limited CodeWarrior SE 16KB edition with Freescale 13193 Evaluation Kit and code that requires buying full version (oh, just be so nice and pay another 2400$ dear customer), such as 802.15.4 MAC layer or ZigBee stack or some of the sample programs, is the nastiest feature of this kit and generally not nice thing to do (hear that Freescale?).

I was always very much in favor of open-source (or at least free) software and I wholeheartedly hope that there will be some cheaper replacement for this CodeWarrior soon enough.

Barts over and out.