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CodeWarrior Installation/license

Discussion created by leonard mcreynolds on Jan 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by Tom Thompson

 Just installed CW with an IDE version 4.5 I purchased several years ago. I have the following problems/questions. Freescale has been a NO RESPONSE. I believe their technical support is in China and has been trying to translate the following questions: PS I did call Freescale and talked to someone in technical support - He had no ideal whatsoever that I was talking about. Rather he was a laymen trained to say "We're here to help you", which he stated several times. The only other comment was that he knew nothing about the product but he would ask someone who did.


LICENSE: When I installed the product it stated that the Freescale Web site registered it. However the pamplet that came with the CD's said I have to licence it via the pull down menu. It asks for a Key I received from Freescale.  What does it mean "a KEY"?

I have received no answer from Freescale or any E-mail regarding a KEY from Freescale. I did receive a Spam from Freescale. 


Question #1: The CD Pack has a 'Lot number' and a "Part number". Is one of these the KEY?


UPDATE IDE: I have been using the free 'Special Edition" limited to 32K for about a year, primarily usingAssembly. That IDE is, I believe, Version 5.1...

QUESTION #2: Can I simply copy IDE Version 5.1 over 4.5 and will my installaion still work correctly?  


Question #3: Was/is my other function (i.e. compiler/Proc Expert/Assembler etc...) updated during installation? AND how do I determine/verify this?