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Interfacing two HC08's with SCI

Question asked by alex hubbard on Jan 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by alex hubbard

Hey chums,

 I've got HC08's i plan on hooking up to a TLP/RLP434a pair and making a remote control car out of it. I'm essentialy done with the hardware but I'm having trouble programming the SCI interface. To test the code i've just been using a wire from the Tx on the master HC08 to the RX on the slave HC08, from what I gather from CodeWarrior (when the pair isn't attached) the master is properly transmitting and the reciever is waiting for the Recieve Data Full flag to go high. Unfortunately when i have the whole setup attached CodeWarrior spits a "Trigger A&B" error at me, after disabling triggers I instead get a "invalid BP" error. That engineering 6th sense we all have tells me to look at the interrupt routine, but I'm teaching myself this whole SCI interface dealy so I could be way off base here.


TL;DR: Would you kindly peruse my SCI interface code and point out any flaws you see? Thank you.



Attachments: contains the following files:

                         master.c                          //the master control file

                         my_SCI_master.c         //included by master.c

                         slave.c                             //the slave ontrol file
                         my_SCI_slave.c            //included by slave.c, contains interrupt routine responsible for recieving data