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MCF52259 CCE register Bit 14 - what does it do?

Discussion created by Thomas Hoch on Dec 25, 2011
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CCE Bit 14
In the reference manual for the MCF52259 family (section 13.3.4), I accidentally bumped into a very brief indication that there is a CCE register.  This 16 bit register  has only two bits defined.  The one I'm interrested in at the moment, Bit 14, is called "USB END":
0 Big endian disabled
1 Big endian enabled

The example code that I've managed to dig through sets this to zero and uses up a considerable amount of code writing things into the BDT in LittleEndian. 


Is there anyone who knows what this bit does?
Can the BDT be Bigendian?, ...
or, does this bit apply to something else?, ...
and if so what?

I haven't been able to find any clarification in the reference manual.