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USBDM - Version 4.8 (JS16/JMxx Hardware Versions)

Question asked by pgo on Dec 21, 2011
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Dear All,


USBDM has been updated to V4.8. 


Please post any queries on this version in this thread,


Information available at:





  • Please note that these design are different from the Freescale OSBDM-JM60 design which was proceeding independently while I was doing the above designs.
  • This version has been a bit rushed as I was anxious to fix some significant problems in V4.7.  The programmers have had a thorough testing with new test cases against all devices listed as tested in the help files.  The other functionality has only had basic testing e.g. the various Codewarrior tools have had a basic test with one device in each supported family.


V4 Revision History

  • V4.8 (December 2011) -
    • General update of how the programming algorithms are controlled.
      They are much more configurable by the external XML and TCL files. This allows for some customisation of the memory map on HCS12 devices or custom startup operations.
    • Added Coldfire+ devices & algorithms.
    • Erase options extended (on some targets).
    • Re-testing of all devices (see programmer help file) with complete memory images including paging were used.
    • Bug fixes on HCS08 programming. Unsure were these were introduced but (hopefully) now squashed.
    • Paging of Flash and EEPROM has been updated for HCS12 and HCS08 devices.
    • The memory image descriptions are now more detailed and are more carefully enforced when programming. Attempting to program non-existent memory is now reported before programming is attempted. This should result in more meaningful error messages.
    • msi install updated for Codewarrior 10.2
    • Testing with Codewarrior 10.2 Beta
  • V4.7 (October 2011) -
    • Improved support for devices in low power modes (Eclipse).
    • Improved support for secured devices (Eclipse).
    • BDM interface speed control implemented for CFVx devices
    • Windows Installer
    • Updates for Eclipse Kinetis device name changes
    • BDM firmware (including bootloader) will now auto-detect 4, 8 or 12 MHz crystals. (JS16/JMxx)
    • Added progress dialogues for programmers.
    • Programmer erase options are more consistent.
    • Bug fixes
      • Devices incorrectly identified as secured
      • Failure to connect to device in low power modes
      • Corrections to CFVx connection sequences
      • Corrections to USB CDC Driver installation
      • Bootloader reliability improved
      • Corrections to USB CDC driver installation file.
  • V4.6 (June 2011) -
    • Support for Kinetis Targets in Codewarrior V10.1 (Eclipse, USBDM/CF only)
    • Improvements to USB error checking (JMxx/JS16 only)
    • TCL scripting
  • V4.5 (February 2011) -
    • Support for Codesourcery Lite - Coldfire Vx
    • Support for Coldfire Flasher (CFFlasher) Coldfire V2,3,4 only
    • Support for Codewarrior Eclipse 10.1
    • Flash buffer is now dynamically sized in Flash programmers
    • Added fix for Legacy Codewarrior tools missing TBDML/OSBDM targets
  • V4.4 (January 2011) -
    • Less intrusive auto speed detection for targets without sync
    • Unlocking improved for targets using slow external clocks
    • Codewarrior V10 New Project Wizard now includes USBDM
    • Programming support for HCS12/HCS08 targets with EEPROM
    • Programming support for CFV1 target with multiple Flash (Dual Flash)
    • Use of XML based device files (needed for above two items)
    • Automatic unsecure for Legacy HCS12 targets
  • V4.3 (December 2010) -
    • Bug fixes (DSC Speed)
    • Improved Codewarrior V10 integration
    • Serial interface on JS16 versions (supported in JMxx but no example implementation)
  • V4.0 (September 2010) - Significant changes in some areas - Please read carefully
    • Support for Linux (Eclipse version of Codewarrior only)
      Installation is still somewhat of a challenge!
    • Support for Linux and Windows7 64-bit (Eclipse version of Codewarrior only)
      To support the 64-bit version of Windows it has been necessary to update to using libusb-V1 drivers. For consistency this is also done on Linux. As part of this process the VID/PID for the hardware (BDM) has been changed. This will allow the co-existence of Freescale's OSBDM-JM60 hardware while using a new driver for USBDM. Formerly both these BDMs used the same VID/PID and changes to the driver would not be possible.
    • Programming utilities for RS08, HCS08 and CFV1 are now (officially) included.
    • Support for MC56F800x (digital signal controllers) added. This is only available on USBDM_CF BDMs and the Axiom MC56F8006 Demoboard.
    • Minor bug fixes (installation script)
    • The addition of DSC support has pushed the firmware size to greater than 16K on the USBDM_JMxx-CF version. This means that MC9S08JM32/60 chip must be used.
    • Changed to wxWidgets for common GUI code on Windows and Linux