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MC13192 and CRC calculation question

Discussion created by Gustavo Spadari on Dec 20, 2011
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Reading the MC13192RM I coulnd't find the details about the CRC calculation used on every TX of the MC13192 chip.

I'm having an issue with TX and RX with odd packets. Even packets are fine, but surely some bug is in the odd routine I made, and if I could know how the CRC is calculated it can help me to track down the problem.

I'm sending from a node, for example, four bytes as the payload: "PEPE". The other node receving this payload reports that CRC is 0x5891.

So, I went to and typed "PEPE", and any result is not equal to 0x5891.

The problem with odds packets is that sending for example "GUSTAVO", I'm receving "GUSTAVA", with a CRC = to 0x4E31. So, I would like to use the CRC to help me check to determine is the error is in the TX routine or the RX routine.


If anyone has deatils about the CRC calculation used in MC13192, please let me know.

Thank you very much.