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Wiriting other half of flash from code

Question asked by comsosysarch on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2011 by EARL GOODRICH

K60 chips with part number PK60N512VLQ100


I had some code running on three different chips batch marked 0M33Z. Has worked for several motnshs with no changes.

Now we have some chips batch marked 2N30Q.

Same code no longer works on any of the three new devices with that batch marking.


Code with the issue happens to be related to writing to upper half of flash while running from lower half of flash.

These are all flash-only devices (ie no flex).

I am disabling flash caching due to the issue with that on the 0M33Z devices. Then I erase the sector containing the flash table, then writing the new table data to the accelerator block in RAM, then commanding the flash controller to write to flash. This gets repeated as often as needed to fill a table.


It -seems- to (perhaps) work one time, but never after that. The IAR debugger leaves much to be desired for this sort of thing but that would be a whole other story.


Any ideas based on what changed in the device between those chip batches?