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Error:  Couldn't download flash driver file while trying to erase flash memory

Discussion created by rico Vieira Porto on Dec 19, 2011
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I'm trying to erase flash using flash programmer task action, but I'm getting the following error:


Error: Couldn't download flash driver file.Not enough memory allocated for the flash driver. Please allocate at least 0x00004370 b
ytes of Target Memory Buffer Space on the Target Configuration page.


I've seen the Target Configuration Page on some very outdated documents on internet, but it seems it doesn't exist in my code warrior version - I have the latest. I'm using USP TAP in a board using MPC8323E and my flash memory is a JS28F256. I can read the memory fine - did a flash dump to save the actual content.


Other than that, is there any simpler software to use with USB TAP? Code Warrior is a heavy load on my computer and I don't need it since I'm building my envinronment using LTIB. I'm on Ubuntu 11.10. I just need USB TAP to erase/program my bootloader (using u-boot generated with ltib).